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special things that an older phone can’t. These days there are a large selection of processors and processor sizes on the market. Many of the top range phones now come with a thing called a dual core processor – this means there are two processors and means that the phone has around twice the processing power of a standard one core phone. The speed of the processor is called the clocking speed; this is measured in a measurement signified as GHz or MHz depending on the processor. There are 1000MHz in one GHz in a similar way to there being 1000metersDeutscher chat in a kilometre. This means a 1GHz processor is far faster and can do more things over a shorter period than an 800MHz one and so a better choice in most cases. Fundamentally an 800 MHz processor can do things 8/10 times as fast as a full 1GHz chip. Single core processors are fine and many phones still have them including the iPhone 4; however dual core processors are the most modern and you will find some mega deals on such phones on Pigsback Megadeals through sites like ScreenThe screen on phones is also a very important factor, especially now that many phones have large touch screens. The screen is measured by the resolution. This is the amount of dots or pixels in an area. The higher the amounts of pixels on a phone’s screen, the better the detail on the screen.There are numerous different types of screens, including LCD, AMOLED and qHD, all of which are very good in their own ways. However the AMOLED does stand out and is featured on Samsung products. This is because it is brighter and more dynamic than many of the other screens and so is great for watching video footage on. IPhone uses a retina screen; though not as bright as the AMOLED screen it offers amazing detail and so is a lot better for zooming in – something important for reading small writing on pages when looking on the Internet on such a small screen. Check out Pigsback for some of these deals. SMART Most phones these days are smart phones. This means you can download applications and other such Internet enabled properties and they have the large processing power to deal with these applications and processes in a way similar to laptops that were popular only a few years ago. Smart phone were once very expensive, though are now available for a small cost relative to the devices of recent years. Picking up a good smart phone can cost a person little more than a hundred Euros. This will allow them to do most of the things that a similar and more expensive phone would do. Megadeals make a huge difference to the price of a phone and the contract on offer. ContractsWhen choosing a contract look at the phone you are getting and see if you firstly need it and secondly if you will use up the allowance that is provided on the contract. Many deals come with huge numbers of minutes and texts that will never be used by the normal person and this makes them needlessly expensive.Looking on Pigsback can mean you get both great offers and Mega deals to ensure the deals on offer are far less expensive. Getting a cheap deal on something you are paying monthly for can mean you save large amounts of cash throughout the year and afford to save or have a better deal on something else on Pigsback.

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